Visions Reversible Throw

Color: White
  • The Visions Reversible Throw is a collaboration with artist John Zabawa intended to elevate and illuminate any space. In the springtime, the Blacksaw team humanely shorns the alpacas from underneath and around their necks where the finest quality of wool can be found. These parts are also known as baby alpaca because they're so gentle and soft. The alpacas do not feel pain when this happens, and once shorning is complete, their coats grow back promptly. Shearing is an important process to the animal's welfare as they do not shed their fleece - this also prevents them from overheating in the summer months.
  • Steph and Kyle Taylor are the brilliant minds that created Blacksaw from a surf trip to South America. The pair decided to embark on a motorcycle trip into the Andean mountain range, where they discovered the incredible alpaca fiber and were smitten with the concept of creating a sustainable business with this fiber at the core. Their vision was to create a brand that was not tied down by labels - whether it was size or gender. Today, Blacksaw is known for meaningful possessions that can be passed down for generations.
    • Material: 100% baby Alpaca
    • Dimensions: 53” x 70”
    • Care: Dry clean only
    • 1.5 lbs - heavyweight
    • Color: Optic/Plaster