Tea Tree & Lavender with Activated Charcoal Soap

  • This activated charcoal soap bar is an essential addition to your skincare regimen if you have oily or blemish-prone skin. The blend includes active ingredients like charcoal that effectively absorbs excess oil and removes impurities. Further enhanced with the benefits of tea tree and lavender, this bar helps in detoxifying your skin and combating blemishes, resulting in clearer, healthier skin. Despite its intensive cleaning properties, it’s mild enough for everyday use.
  • The founding principle of Earth Elements Soapworks centers around the idea that natural beauty should instill confidence. Kellie Martin, the creator, has prioritized the use of safe, non-toxic, and highly effective natural ingredients that deliver visible and tangible benefits. Her great grandmother played a pivotal role in her inspiration, imparting the values of self-assurance, diligent work, and cultivation of natural resources for a well-rounded lifestyle. All of their products are meticulously handcrafted in Baltimore, MD.
    • Lather with water to naturally cleanse face, hands, and body
    • Full list of ingredients: saponified olive, organic coconut, organic sustainable palm and castor oils, tea tree oil, lavender oil, activated charcoal
    • Dimensions: 5 oz bar