Stoned Marble - Triangle Board

Color: Pink
  • A board from the maker, Stoned, composed of beautiful polished marble that can be used as your next serving tray or an all-year focal piece.
  • Stoned was established in 2014 by Derkan Atakan and John ter Riet, who share a deep love for natural stone. Working from their small studio based in Amsterdam, the duo create unique items with an approachable aesthetic.
  • Stoned's collection gained popularity in many Dutch retail locations, and has since expanded all over the world.
    • Material: Polished marble
    • Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 2 cm
    • Care: This is a fragile and natural product and being a product of nature, little holes or cracks may appear
    • Wash with water and a mild dish detergent, never use bleach
    • Pat dry immediately to avoid liquids from setting in
    • Avoid using acidic products or foods to prevent discoloration