Natural Elegance Luxurious Mountain Living By: Rush Jenkins and Klaus Baer

  • WRJ Design, headquartered in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and led by Rush Jenkins and Klaus Baer, showcases their award-winning interiors in their latest publication, Natural Elegance. Their homes, situated against the dramatic backdrop of the Western landscape ranging from the Rockies to the Pacific, are infused with a unique elegance that beautifully marries wilderness with contemporary design. By combining a warm color palette with rugged elements, the interiors create a deep connection to the natural world just beyond the windows. Illustrated with breathtaking photographs by William Abranowicz, the book features over a dozen stunningly sited houses adorned in WRJ's signature style that effortlessly combines rustic elements with refinement.
    • Material: Hardcover
    • Dimensions: 10" x 1.2" x 12"
    • 256 pages