Manipuri Handwoven Cushion - Amazonite

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Color: Green
  • Handwoven on traditional handlooms, the "Cushion of the Loom" is a unique piece. Its hand weave is made of a pure raw cotton and acrylic wool, respecting the culture of "no animal raw materials" from Manipuri women weavers.  Its hand weaving process perpetuates an ancestral tradition of indigenous hand weaving art from Eastern India.  The design is made in France by Mille et Claire designers. Each cushion is handmade by our skilled craftswomen. Each cushion is a unique piece.  Variation in production and colors may occur, they sign the art of handmade craftsmanship.
    • Material: Cover - Cambric cotton | Insert - 50% small feathers, 50% microfiber
    • Dimensions: 23" x 23"
    • Care: Dry clean only; Iron while reversed.
    • Insert included