Large Round Oil Lamp in Brass

  • From the heart of the Netherlands, this beautiful glass oil lamp is an essential decorative element for your summer tables or any corner of your home. Fashioned from clear glass, the lamp features a traditional fiberglass wick that burns paraffin oil. For the best burn performance, we recommend using high-quality paraffin oil and adjusting the wick frequently if the lamp is lit for prolonged periods. A funnel can be used for a no-mess refill experience. Available in different sizes and shapes for an exquisite display.
  • Peri Living's products are highly acclaimed for their unwavering commitment to originality, infused with a penchant for trendsetting while also staying true to their own distinctive creations. Hailing from the Netherlands, the Peri Living group has earned significant recognition for their exceptional offerings.
    • Material: Glass | Fiberglass wick
    • Dimensions: 5.11" Diameter