Freja Pillow

Color: Light Grey
  • Each Freja pillow is hand-knitted on needles in Nepal, by women who are educated in the craftsmanship. One pillow takes 5 days and the matching throws take 22-25 days to knit.
  • Founded by Danish designer Camilla Gullits in 2012 with an initial focus on providing jobs for women in Nepal, Care by Me has since expanded its reach across 400 European merchants along with a presence in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
  • Electricity can be unreliable or even unavailable due to power outages at the production facilities, and as such, all items are handcrafted using needles or old-fashioned manual knitting machines.
  • Care By Me is dedicated to providing women with the skills and knowledge to secure their futures, while still embracing the Nordic foundations of minimalism and timelessness. Altruistic social responsibility coexists harmoniously alongside quality, long-lasting designs - which makes Care by Me a wonderful fit for L Market. Please note this is for the cover only.
    • Material: 50% Cashmere | 50% Wool
    • Dimensions: 20" x 20" | 16" x 24"
    • Care: Avoid washing Cashmere too often | Do air the piece outside or on a hanger while showering to steam clean | If the piece must be washed, do use a front-load washing machine on a wool or hand-washing cycle with water temperature set to 86 degrees F and only use detergent specifically for wool | Never use fabric softener and never use a dryer