Cocoon Vase

Color: White
  • Detlef Klatt's Cocoon vase, crafted from the finest bone porcelain, boasts a stripe pattern that is delightfully irregular. This versatile piece is perfectly suited to be employed as a stunning standalone objet d'art or as a tasteful vessel for holding your favorite flowers.
  • Klatt Objects is in the process of creating an intricate universe of diverse collections, showcasing decorative home accessories such as vases, pots, bowls, and other lifestyle products that embody the themes of decor and indulgence. Despite their unique designs, all items bear the distinctive signature of their creator, Detlef Klatt. His meticulously crafted limited series are intended to function cohesively as a creative arrangement, yet also have the ability to stand alone as individual collector's pieces. In addition, the collection includes a range of unique, artistic objects that serve as lavish eye-catching elements. Klatt Objects has been deemed a "winner" in the Excellent Product Design category for Home Textiles and Home Accessories for their Rhizom Vase, and has consequently been granted the German Design Award 2024.
    • Material: Bone porcelain
    • Dimensions: 8cm H x 8.5cm W x 8.5cm L | 3.1" H x 3.3" W x 3.3" L
    • Upon receiving the product, it is possible that irregularities, color variations, bleeding, or inconsistent coloring may be observed, which are inherent to its unique qualities.