Bright White & Charcoal Melange Mohair Throw

Color: Dark Grey
  • Stackelbergs is a Stockholm-based company specializing in producing luxury plaids, or throws, made of mohair wool.
  • These plaids are mainly woven from mohair wool that comes from goats. The softness of the mohair wool depends on what time of year the goats are sheared, as well as their age. The throws are made with great respect for the animal in South Africa, where most mohair wool is produced. All of the dyeing is Öko-tex certified, and in many cases they can trace production back to the farm where the goats were sheared.
  • If you notice that your plaid is shedding when it arrives at your home, don't fret - this is a natural and expected occurrence due to the brushing during production.
    • Material: 68% Mohair, 28% Wool, 5% Nylon binding
    • Dimensions: 130 x 170 cm | 51" x 67"
    • Care: Air and brush your plaid regularly | If you must clean, please note this is dry clean only
    • 1.35 lbs
    • Color: Bright White & Charcoal Melange