Beach Totes

Color: Natural Striped Shopper
  • Handwoven from the sturdy elephant grass, these tote bags guarantee the robustness you need for a day out at the beach or a picnic near the river. Generously sized to effortlessly accommodate your beach essentials such as towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, snacks and even your much-loved sandals.
  • Crafted with care in Africa, this product is the result of skilled artisans working from the comfort of their own homes and communities. They receive fair compensation for their labor, without the burden of travel expenses, childcare costs, or negotiation of prices. Their earnings enable them to provide for their families, including putting food on the table and investing in education for their children.
    • Material: Elephant grass
    • Dimensions: 17-19"W x 9-10"H
    • Care: Spray water and let it air dry.