Wool Seat Cover - Taupe

Color: Ivory
  • Indulge in the lavish comfort of these New Zealand Sheepskin Wool Seat Covers. Produced from the resilient and curly wool of New Zealand sheep, this product pledges lasting quality and sumptuous comfort. Soft and warm, it perfectly adapts to both chairs and benches. Feel the rich texture as you relax, reassured in the knowledge that the wool has been ethically sourced from sheep reared in the free-ranging and eco-friendly environments of New Zealand.
  • Natures Collection operates with two essential goals at the forefront of their mission - to promote sustainability and to cultivate a thriving environment. They achieve this by meticulously sourcing only the most exceptional sheepskins from all corners of the world and designing products that pay homage to their inherent durability. Located in the heart of Denmark, their unwavering commitment to sustainability is evident in the innovative methodologies they have developed to reutilize, recycle, and reclaim materials in their production process. This philosophy extends to all of their creations, as they strive to eliminate any trace of waste and leave a positive impact on the environment.
    • Material: New Zealand Sheepskin
    • Dimensions: 14" Diameter