Trefoil Pitcher in Matte Grey

Color: Grey
  • Suitable for serving a range of beverages with exceptional convenience, this vessel adds a touch of tradition to your refreshment moments. Handcrafted in Portland, this matte grey beauty adds elegance to your beverage dispensing routine.
  • From its origins as a personal hobby to a flourishing small business led by women, Notary Ceramics has evolved into a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to crafting and curating durable items that enrich our living spaces and daily routines. While ceramics remain their primary area, they have discovered immense satisfaction in combining Notary wares with the creations of other artisans and natural resources such as wood, stone, rattan, wicker, glass, and metal. The work of Notary Ceramics is fueled by a passion for creating enduring pieces that inspire and delight.
    • Material: Made from locally sourced stoneware/porcelain clay
    • Dimensions: 10" H x 6" W
    • Care: Microwave and dishwasher safe