Top Dog 1000 Piece Puzzle

  • The Top Dog jigsaw puzzle presents a tableau of fourteen loveable dogs showcasing a spectrum of lavish treats in a charming baking show setup. With 1000 pieces waiting to be interconnected, lose yourself in the flurry of color, chaos, and kibble-themed fun. Spotify playlist link can be found here!
  • Rachel and Jena founded Piecework Puzzles with the goal of providing individuals with an enjoyable way to spend their free time. As part of their offerings, the company has curated playlists that pair perfectly with nearly every puzzle, adding to the overall experience.
    • 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle
    • Material: Thick stock and high quality art paper | Board is 100% recycled paper
    • Dimensions: Completed puzzle 19.25" x 26.6" | Box 8" x 10" x 1.8"
    • Not suitable for children