Black Match Striker

  • From setting a relaxing ambiance with incense to building a roaring fire, every flame starts with a simple flick of the wrist. Made from solid cast iron, the Match Striker is surprisingly weighty and offers a stable base for sparking a flame. Its exterior surface is expertly designed with a deep knurling pattern, providing ample friction to ignite strike anywhere matches (not included). While matches will leave behind some residue, simply wiping the Match Striker down with a damp cloth will keep it in top shape.
  • Hunter Craighill founded Craighill in 2015, a Brooklyn-based design and manufacturing brand that emphasizes curiosity, ingenuity, and satisfaction. Their products are both beautiful and intriguing, while also being functional and timeless. The joy of owning and using physical objects is their ability to transport us from our busy, overworked minds back to the sensory pleasures of touching, seeing, and doing.
    • Matches not included
    • Material: Carbon steel with electroplated black zinc
    • Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 2"